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traditional cuisine
your pizza and pasta
in the center of nice

The eatery like your Mothers Home

Discover the Villa d’Este

The « Villa d’Este » ?

This is a tribute to the Tivoli Gardens and the region of Rome. The name recalls the wealth of southern Italy and this love of tradition. As for the gardens, they embody the Renaissance at its peak: a cultural jewel where you can find pictures of them on our walls.

How to find us?

On the edge of the Carré d’Or, on the rue Masséna street, the Villa d’Este sets its scene. Between the main thoroughfare and the old Nice, our trattoria accommodates hungry passersby since 1992. In an area bubbling with activity, in the heart of an effervescent pedestrian zone, we offer pizzas with the taste of Italy.

Traditional recipes make the restaurant a pillar of the city center, between epicurean and convivial.

How is it?

Forget the retro trattorias with the red and white tablecloths. It is on the plate that you will find Naples, Rome and Syracuse. Marble tables, black upholstered benches and pizza oven at the entrance: the setting is warm and knows how to stay elegant. And what about the welcoming terrace like the arms of a Calabrian mamma?

A menu to devour

Pastas baked in the oven ? Blended flour like the skin of a Sicilian? A taste only mastered by Chefs? These Italians are crazy…

The Villa d’Este presents you
the Pasta di Gragnano.

Our fetish products

Main plate: eggplant pizza

I ordered a pizza, but they serve me a sun. The crust swollen like a crown, the dough thin and stretched: it’s the Neapolitan pizza. The large eggplant slices baked in the oven are reminiscent of Sicily. Tomatoes, ricotta, mozzarella and basil leaves … Green, white and red: it looks like the Italian flag on my plate.

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For dessert: Profiteroles

The three profiteroles, wisely aligned on the rectangular plate, prepares a blissful blow. The chocolate flows from their hats, impregnates the pastry and mixes with the whipped cream. Inside, the sweet party continues with a fleur de lait ice cream… You will share, right?

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Pizza leftover ? do like they do in the united states and ask for a takeaway !

Le galet magazine

Le galet magazine  is a Nicois media with a look at the world. We give the floor to the local players who make up the Cote d’Azur and unearth the latest finds on the Riviera. Our objective ? Share our pleasures, to please you …

The magazine, thick as a Neapolitan pizza crust, is completely free. Like our kitchen, the quantities are generous and the quality always there.

We share everything with you. Even our recipes. Wondering what secret lies behind our XXL eclair? Want to reproduce our sea bass with truffle butter? Or maybe you’re looking for some info on our strawberry pie? We give you everything.

Like a pizza, our magazine is consumed alone or with others, and can be enjoyed without moderation. Take it, roll it under your arm, devour it and talk about it to your friends.

Events la Villa d’Este

Become the owner for a night, what do you say? The Villa d’Este opens its doors and welcomes your events. Companies, families, groups, conferences … The terrace, the pizza oven and even our pizzaïolo are at your disposal. Do not forbid yourself anything. The keys of the house are yours for a day or an evening. And no worries, we will be there at every stage of the organization to accompany you.

Tested and approved !

“Last winter, a group of foreign visitors privatized the entire floor, 120 seats! The client wanted pizzas to share for all the guests. We brought two pizzaïoli, prepared the dough in advance … and the pizza party delighted everyone.”

By Laura, the privileged coordinator of your private events.

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